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needle sweeps

Professional Removal of Hypodermic Syringes

ServiceMaster Clean specialises in the removal of discarded hypodermic syringes (Needle Sweep/Sharps) in communal areas and void properties. The discovery of a hypodermic syringe rings alarm bells and trepidation in everyone concerned, so safety is of paramount importance.

Risk Assessment

As soon as ServiceMaster Clean receives an instruction to carry out a needle sweep, strict health and safety measures and procedures are in place to ensure everyone involved with this is competent in assessing the risks involved, and have the proficient job skills to carry out this work.

Materials Handling, Storage & Safety Information

All ServiceMaster Clean's professionally trained service personnel are equipped with suitable personal protective equipment. The discarded hypodermic syringes (needle/sharp) are placed in a designated rigid container and disposed of appropriately.

Training – Health & Safety

Our commitment to safety and environmental protection is an integral part of our training, safeguarding lives and property is always one of our prime aims. All ServiceMaster Clean technicians go through a proficiency job skill certification programme for the services that they carry out, in order to meet the stringent standards required by ServiceMaster Clean.