Communal Cleaning

The Service You Deserve

  • Health & Safety
  • Site Surveys
  • Cleaning Specification
  • Building Report
  • Computerised Scheduling
  • Operations Team
  • Customer Service
  • Supervised Cleaning
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Monthly and Bi-Monthly
  • Progress Meeting
  • Comparative Building Reports


General Needs Flats

Sheltered Group Schemes

Shared Ownership Flats

Communal cleaning services - housing associations

In 2004 Sovereign Housing set up a pilot scheme in partnership with ServiceMaster Clean of Newbury for the cleaning of communal areas. This decision was part of a strategy to constantly improve services for their tenants. As a Housing Association they were mindful that a dirty communal area both affects and reflects on everyone concerned with that building.

We work closely with housing associations and tenants to constantly improve the quality of the service that we provide.

General needs flats

The contract cleaning of the communal areas for General Needs Flats can be particularly demanding, due to the numbers of people, size of area and types of floors. ServiceMaster Clean introduced Commercial Cleaning Operation Units complete with independent engine, water tanks, pumps and heat exchangers for hot water rinse extraction of carpets and hard floors cleaning, for efficient cleaning of communal areas. Cleaning Operatives are also equipped with, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and high reach window cleaning systems.

Shared ownership flats

The number of Shared ownership flats, whereby the householder is a joint owner of the property with the Housing Association, is increasing. In general terms the properties are modern and tenants have very high expectations for standards of cleaning. The communal area needs not only to match the standards of the flats but to enhance them.

Sheltered group schemes

The needs of Sheltered Group Schemes are very different. The communal areas, such as the lounges, are important areas for socialising, so it is very important that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained. The day time cleaners provided by ServiceMaster Clean work to a service schedule, which is managed and monitored by Area Supervisors.

Transparent cleaning services

In today’s world of consumer awareness, a transparent cleaning service is not a need but a necessity. In other words the tenants want to see their cleaners, they want to see a professional image and most importantly they want to see what they are getting for their money.

Professional image

ServiceMaster has more than 60 years experience in the cleaning industry. The ServiceMaster Clean network presents a clean professional image with the distinctive yellow Commercial Cleaning Operation Units. ServiceMaster Clean of Newbury, who operates the Communal Cleaning System, is building a reputation for quality cleaning services throughout our business-wide area.

ServiceMaster communal cleaning services

In order to standardise a Quality Assurance Management Programme for Communal Cleaning ServiceMaster are setting up Commercial Operation Centres in the UK who will operate the communal cleaning system developed by ServiceMaster Clean Newbury.

The service

  1. Health & Safety - It is part of the Communal Cleaning System that every possible effort be taken to ensure the Health and Safety of all employees and customers so far as is reasonably practical. We encourage all employees to be PROUD TO BE SAFE.
  2. Site Surveys - The Survey takes into account the area, type of material to be cleaned, the utilities on site and Risk Assessment.
  3. Cleaning Specification - Once the building has been surveyed, a service specification is produced for the cleaning and scheduling of works.
  4. Building Report -The building report takes in the Site Survey information, Cleaning Specification and produces the estimated cleaning costs for the communal cleaning.
  5. Computerised Scheduling - All scheduling is produced by a operations manager using a computer programme to ensure work is carried out on the correct dates.
  6. Operations - Having scheduled the work the operations team produce work sheets and plan the service personnel to carry out the work. The service personnel report all issues relating to the sites being cleaned e.g. bed mattresses on landings. If instructed, photographs can be taken and sent through by email to our customers.
  7. Customer Service - A Customer Service Help Line handles all service related calls. In order to ensure the tenants of the buildings feel they are receiving a quality cleaning service, a Service-Care Questionnaire is left with one of the tenants of the building. We actively seek customer feedback.
  8. Supervision - Cleaning programs are followed up with a Supervisory Clean Check Report.
  9. Monitoring - Through the use of tracking systems, all contract cleaning work for both General Needs and Shared Ownership Flats are monitored.
  10. Reporting - Monthly and Bi-Monthly Progress Meeting.
  11. Comparative Building Reports - With cleaning costs becoming a major issue in particular with Local Housing Authorities and Housing Associations, a comparative building report is produced in order to manage the cleaning budgets.

"ServiceMaster Clean is all about people,
improving cleaning standards for local communities"