About Us

The Service You Deserve

  • Correct or ethical conduct of ourselves and our business.
  • To deliver what we promise.
  • Our success rests upon the performance of our people.
  • To empower people and enabling them to succeed.
  • Our target is excellence, nothing less is pursued.
  • Our service exceeds your expectations of value for money.




Contract Cleaning System

With over 20 years cleaning homes, business and communal areas, and 6 awards under our belt, we appreciate the importance of a reliable cleaning service.  One that can be trusted to deliver a quality clean, when it's needed.

Nick Dee Shapland set up ServiceMaster Clean, Newbury in 1991.  Just one man in a van, Nick founded the business based on 3 core values: principles performance and people.

Now 16 years on and Nick now oversees the company with its fleet of over 60 liveried vehicles, cleaning the homes and offices of customers across Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

As the business has grown it has evolved, but that same family ethos, underpinned by principles, performance and people remain its core.

Performance of our cleaning services

We view each and every customer interaction as an opportunity to exceed expectations - from the very first enquiry to every last clean.

We do this in several ways:  We work closely with our customers.

By nurturing strong relationships with our customers, we can ensure they are confident that the service they receive is good value for money.  We keep cleaning technicians with the same clients wherever possible so they can build up a relationship and get used to how customers like things done.

     -     We invest in technology to make communication between cleaning staff and customers seamless.

All our vehicles are fitted with trackers, telling us when staff have visited a site.  We've also just invested in the development of an app allowing customers and cleaning technicians to work more closely together to ensure every clean is thorough, whatever the situation.

     -     We commit to ongoing training for all our staff.

We invest in our staff, training them at our BICSc training centre to ensure they can deliver a high quality clean in any situation.  We also ensure that each member of our team has exactly the right equipment and cleaning materials that they need.

     -      We plan for when things don't run according to plan.

The delivery of our services with the principles of outstanding performance, together with our focus on people and commitment to our principles, has seen us win the ServiceMaster flagship Marianne E. Wade award 4 times and the HSBC Franchise of the year award 2013.urting strong relationships with our customers, we can ensure they are confident that the service they receive is good value for money. We keep cleaning technicians with the same clients wherever possible so they can


And, we stay true to our principles.  We protect the environment whenever possible and work hard to prevent our services from having any detrimental effects.  We also seek to remain true to our promises and always be professional in everything that we do.

     -      We care for our environment.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited and ensure we use safe and eco-friendly cleaning products wherever possible.  We also take measures to prevent unnecessary waste.  For example, by using washable mop heads, we save thousands of mop heads from going info landfill every single year.

     -      We always aim to be truthful and deliver the cleaning services we promise.

Whether this is cleaning services or promises we make to our staff, we believe that good business is based on good relationships and all good relationships are based on trust.  So, we only promise something if we know we can deliver.   Then we do everything in our power to exceed those expectations.

     -     We have a complex network of support built into our organisational structure.

We make sure that contract cleaning sites are effectively managed, and that staff are on-hand to carry out our cleaning commitments, when required.

      -     We aim to excel in our customer service, as well as our cleaning services.

By staying close to our customers, we can resolve any concerns or complications guaranteeing our customers' satisfaction with the ServiceMaster experience.

     -     We believe in the importance of being professional.

Whether it's being on time or looking smart and professional.  That's why each of our 60 vans are liveried, helping our customers to identify our cleaning technicians. 

"It's our people that make the difference"

"A Lovely man, did a lovely job.  He took so much time and care.  I would highly recommend ServiceMaster to everybody."  Mrs. Thomson, Ascot.